AmeCon 2012 (professional shoot pictures)

Apologies for how long this took, it was hard to get copies of these pictures. These are the pictures that were taken at a professional photoshoot room, courtesey of a very nice photographer named Pouncy. Thank you so much for taking these pictures:





I also want to thank Sakura for being there in a couple of the pictures =)

~ by dgkigurumi on January 31, 2013.

4 Responses to “AmeCon 2012 (professional shoot pictures)”

  1. You are very very beautiful and cute ,sister ^^

  2. It looks very nice, i’ll have to check it out soon. But why are you never on Skype anymore sis, we need to chat more often

  3. Hi, sorry to not answer that now, I have only to see the response to my comment.
    I do not go on Skype at the moment, because I do kig (practice kigurumi) not often, but I am very active on another site. (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Flickr …) I also have a forum (even if there is anyone yet sniff :-()

    If you want to my new blog you can see all my news.

    I’m waiting for your news



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